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Stellar Works aspires to be a true global design brand with a genuine cross-cultural approach and mind-set. Our designs bridge the past and the present with an inspired eye for the future.

With our peerless design universe, Stellar Works seeks to become a top-of mind brand and the preferred partner of designers and architects.

Yuichiro Hori CEO & Founder


Story telling lies at the core of the Stellar Works design philosophy, evocatively conveyed through contemporary design objects created by leading international designers.

Stellar Works furniture and design collections are unique both in style and expression. They are designed to work in domestic and commercial environments, providing a sense of comfort and warmth, elegance and intimacy. We believe in contrasts that create the perfect harmony and balance, drawing on the shadow plays of yin and yang.

Stellar Works represents people from nations across the world - from Japan to China, France, Italy and Denmark. Our designers have different skills and backgrounds, yet they share the same vision for cross-cultural style investigation, and for rediscovering the qualities of natural materials and traditional craftsmanship.

Our creative ethos is one of cross-cultural sampling, eclectically mixing design elements, textures, materials and techniques, and transforming them into new design typologies. We celebrate the poetry of Japanese aesthetics, the richness of Chinese ornamentation, the playfulness of Italian design, the refinement of French luxury, and the less-is-more ethos of Scandinavian design.

The Stellar Works universe features Signature Collections created by internationally acclaimed designers who, each in his/her unique way, are proposing new cross-cultural paradigms.

Stellar Works subscribes to Japanese simplicity, and shares their love of poetry and passion, for beauty and refinement.

French design tradition is shaped by passion, individuality and character. We share the French sense of quality and refinement and their attention to detail. Stellar Works combines the French sense of elegance with a subtle sense of modern comfort.

We are intrigued by the Chinese treasure-trove of ancient arts and crafts. Stellar Works is committed to rediscovering and honouring the Chinese tradition for ornamentation, which builds on centuries of wisdom, ancient fables and craftsmanship.

Italian design is known for its playfulness and emotional character. At Stellar Works we are intrigued by its sense of personality and passion - its sense of narrative. Italian design is iconic; it defines a way of life. It involves you.

Stellar Works taps into the Scandinavian values of living. We are inspired by the Scandinavian appreciation of sustainability and their tradition for creating stylish, simple and honest objects - aspirational, durable, functional and emotional.


Stellar Works is a contemporary design brand with a strong commitment to creating novel collections inspired by craftsmanship and style traditions from around the world—collections that offer a sense of comfort, intimacy and timeless refinement. Stellar Works has partnered with a select group of designers that share our passion for cultural investigation and for rediscovering natural materials, styles and craftsmanship.

Stellar Works is committed to quality, operating an efficient production line and a strict quality assurance workflow. It has a highly professional team of local craftsmen, with technicians from France, China and Japan. Their combined experience in the art of furniture making ensures the highest quality of woodcraft, upholstery and leatherwork.

Incorporated in Hong Kong, with factories in Shanghai and creative direction by Neri&Hu, Stellar Works draws on the unique heritage of its Japanese and French founders to truly deliver compelling products with new perspective and relevance for the international market.

The Stellar Works logo mark, designed as a Japanese crest, has been developed in association with Kyoto-based crest type master Shimada. The crest is a reflection of the Stellar Works brand: refreshing and stylish. The outer circle symbolises a well-established brand with a promising future. The soft curves of the upper W stand for kindness and a welcoming attitude, while the base symbolises an open-minded brand with a strong foundation.


Stellar Works (Hong Kong) and LAVAL (France) set up a factory (Furniture Labo) to produce custom-made furniture for the hospitality market in February 2008. In September 2011, during the China International Furniture Expo, Stellar Works is launched as designer collections brand. The following year, during the Salone Internazionale del Mobile in Milan, the brand is introduced to the international community of architects and designers.


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