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Stellar Works is incorporated in Hong Kong and has two factories in Shanghai. Its CEO, Yuichiro Hori, is Japanese; Jean-Francois Balthazard, its Vice Chairman, is French; and its COO, Daisuke Hironaka, is Japanese, whilst its creative director, Neri&Hu, is American. One of the Stellar Works factories is a joint venture with Laval, one of France’s most renowned high-end furniture makers (est. 1892). Stellar Works has around 600 employees who come not just from all over China, but from 11 other countries besides. Stellar Works is confident in the ability of its team to forge a global brand that embraces refinement in design, selecting materials that protect our environment and offering a diligent service to our customers. We know that architects and designers are a very demanding audience, but we are committed to improving our team’s knowledge, craftsmanship and service.


When working on a new hotel, restaurant or hospitality job, life is made simpler by working with as few suppliers as possible. That’s why we offer designers and architects a one-stop solution to create all the furniture they need for almost any given project. As well as our Vintage and Designer Collections, we also produce custom-made pieces for some of the biggest companies and brands in the world. With one of the most comprehensive material boxes in the business, we can offer almost every colour, material and finish you could ever imagine. Our dynamic team of in-house designers will customise according to your needs and our international team of technicians will help you to materialise your vision. We want you to focus on your ideas; we do the rest.
We’re incredibly proud of our high-tech facilities and also of our dedicated team of employees. We have top notch French, Japanese and Chinese technicians. Our factories are some of the most advanced and efficient you’ll ever see; and we’ve also brought in the most skilled foreign technicians to work alongside the most qualified craftsmen in China - but we don’t stop there. To continue our ability to make outstanding products in this very competitive market, we send our staff on regular technical exchanges to other furniture factories in both Japan and France. There, they learn to apply the latest advanced technology; they improve their management skills and they build up their passion for making furniture of the very highest quality.
At Stellar Works, we are on a mission to provide our clients with a ‘Green‘ material box. This doesn’t just mean a larger collection of materials, but an ever-growing selection of environmentally-friendly items. We strongly believe that good design goes hand in hand with the certainty that our materials are part of the solution to the environmental challenges we all face. This knowledge automatically adds to the aesthetic value of any crafted product. We always ensure the traceability of the raw materials that we use. By following the wood from its place of origin, to the location where it is processed and later finished, we make sure that the products are safe both for the environment and for consumers. By making our sourcing and manufacturing processes “visible”, we hope to demonstrate both our integrity to our clients and our commitment to sustainability.


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