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Stellar Works’ creative direction is overseen by the Neri&Hu Design and Research Office.
Founded in 2004, the design practice is based in Shanghai and London and led by architects
Lyndon Neri and Rossana Hu. The company’s diverse, multicultural team strives to reinvent
classic craft, adding a fresh, contemporary touch to their projects and collaborations all over the
Neri&Hu’s interdisciplinary approach to architecture and interior, graphic and product design is
rooted in context, never formulaic or conventional, and built around a commitment to creating
forms with meaning. The studio’s work has earned a host of awards internationally, including
placement on Architectural Record’s ‘Design Vanguard’ in 2009, Architectural Review’s Award
for Emerging Architecture in 2010, induction into Interior Design magazine’s Hall of Fame in
2013, and the title of Wallpaper* Designer of the Year 2014.

Signature Collections for Stellar Works
Ming, Utility, Cabinet of Curiosity, Chambre, Dowry,Bund, Arita Vessels, Arita Liquid

Bund Dining Chair

Bund Lounge Chair

Bund Chair Two Seater

Bund High Chair SH750

Ming Chair

Ming Aluminium Chair with wood seat

Ming Aluminium Chair II

Ming Aluminium Dining Table

Ming Aluminium Café Table

Utility Armchair U

Utility Chair U

Utility Armchair V

Utility Chair V

Utility Highback Armchair

Utility Highback Chair

Utility Lounge Chair

Utility Lounge Chair Two Seater

Utility High Chair SH610

Utility High Chair SH760

Utility Stool H460

Utility Stool H610

Utility Stool H760

Utility Sofa Three Sides

Utility Sofa Two Sides

Utility Sofa One Side

Utility Ottoman

Utility Sofa Accessories

Utility Dining Table

Utility Dining Table C1200

Utility Coffee Table

Utility Side Table

Utility Café Table H1050

Utility Café Table H900

Utility Round Mirror Small

Utility Round Mirror Large

Utility Long Mirror Small

Utility Long Mirror Large

Cabinet of Curiosity

Chambre Bed I

Chambre Bed II

Chambre Bed Side Table

Dowry Cabinet I

Dowry Cabinet II

Dowry Cabinet III

Arita Vessels

Arita Liquid

Established in 2005 by Signe Bindslev Henriksen and Peter Bundgaard Rützou, both graduates of
the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, SPACE Cph is a Copenhagen-based design practice that
creates interior spaces, furniture and objects for luxury and lifestyle clients across the world.
Through their work – which includes restaurants such as Noma in Copenhagen – SPACE Cph
has developed a design process that is both emotional and poetic, instilling architectural, interior
and furniture design projects with modernism, a strong personal vision and an aversion to the

Signature Collections for Stellar Works
Lunar, Rén

Lunar Dining Chair Small

Lunar Dining Chair Large

Lunar Lounge Chair Small

Lunar Lounge Chair Large

Lunar Highback Chair

Lunar Sofa

Lunar Bar Chair

Lunar Dining Table

Lunar Coffee Table

Lunar Coffee Table W1200

Lunar Side Table

Lunar Screen

Rén Dining Armchair

Rén Dining Chair

Rén Lounge Chair Small

Rén Lounge Chair Large

Rén Lounge Chair Two Seater

Rén Dining Table

Rén Dining Table C1200

Rén Coffee Table

Rén Side Table

Rén Conference Table

Australian interior designer Nic Graham has headed his own design practice in Sydney since
1999, working on projects spanning the residential, commercial and hospitality sectors.
Through their work across the Asia-Pacific region, Graham and his small team of architects,
technical craftsmen and landscape designers have developed a reputation for their
interdisciplinary skill set and holistic approach. Their designs are contemporary, often drawing on
retro inspiration to incorporate a sense of warmth and comfort – a ‘soft’ take on modernism.

Signature Collections for Stellar Works

QT Chair with Cupholder

QT Chair

QT Coffee Table

Chillax Stool

Chillax Lounge Chair

Chillax Highback Chair

Chillax Sofa

Committed to a vision of architecture and design anchored in compelling ideas and
craftsmanship, Shuwa Tei is inspired by the marriage of traditional Japanese aesthetics and
contemporary technology.
Unbounded by convention, he is concerned with the relationship between Japan and the rest of
the world, and the development and evolution of its design practice over time. In 1995, he
founded Intentionallies with two colleagues – today, the company’s portfolio spans product
design, environmental design, interiors and architecture.

Signature Collection for Stellar Works
New Legacy

New Legacy Donna Chair

New Legacy Vito Chair

New Legacy Sofia Chair

New Legacy Fly Lounge Chair

Informed by a strong aesthetic and a globetrotting perspective, OeO is a studio with a holistic
approach to brand creation through design. Having honed their sensibility as interiors editors at
Wallpaper* magazine, directors Anne-Marie Buemann and Thomas Lykke are risk-takers and
brand-builders: their award-winning strategic thinking and focused conceptual approach has
helped reinvent and revitalise some of the most respected names in the world of design, lifestyle
and hospitality – ranging from Georg Jensen and Copenhagen Airports to Sony, Japan
Handmade and Leica Camera Japan.

Signature Collection for Stellar Works
Collaboration Series for Stellar Works

SW Sofa Two seater

SW Sofa Three seater

SW Puff Unit

SW daybed

Laval Chair

Laval Chair with Arms

Laval Bed

Laval Vanity Desk

Laval Sofa

Laval Chaise Longue

Laval Bench

Laval Writing Desk

Laval Chest Drawer

Laval Bedside Drawer

Laval Gentleman’s Valet

Laval Side Table

Laval Leather Chair

Kyoto Floor Lamp

Litha #1

Litha #2

Litha #3

Tento #1

Tento #2

Tento #3

Tento #4

Aula #1

Aula #2

Aula #3

Aula #4

Serendipitously brought together in 1980 by a shared hunt for a studio space, George Yabu and
Glenn Pushelberg have created a globally renowned collaborative interior architecture and
design practice driven by curiosity, experimentation and attention to detail.
From its studios in New York and Toronto, Yabu Pushelberg brings together innovative materials,
talented artisans and a trend-transcending approach that has firmly established the practice as
an international creative leader, celebrated for the personality and emotional resonance of the
designs it produces.

Collaboration Series for Stellar Works
Blink, James

Blink Sofa One Seater

Blink Sofa Two Seater

Blink Cabinet

James Chaise

James Bar Cart

James Stool

Over the course of a career spanning more than 40 years, Carlo Forcolini has designed more
than 100 objects and furniture pieces for some of the most prestigious brands in Italy. Trained by
the masters of Italian design, he co-founded the acclaimed design firm Alias in 1979.
Steeped in references to art, literature and cinema, his work is both iconic and functional. Each
piece has a story and a raison d’être – embodying an approach to design drawn from a
fascination with dreams, mystery and the unknowable. Forcolini is currently the vice-chairman of
the Istituto Europeo di Design and lives and works in Milan.

Vintage Collection for Stellar Works

Alien (1980)

Cotton Club Lounge Chair (1988)

Cotton Club Lounge Chair Two Seater (1988)

Ran Library (1982)

A prolific architect and designer, Vilhelm Wohlert (1920–2007) trained, and later taught, at the
Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Copenhagen. Alongside his work designing and restoring
churches and royal castles, he is especially celebrated for the design of the Louisiana Museum of
Modern Art in Humbaek, Denmark, to which he and his partner Jørgen Bo devoted more than
30 years.
Wohlert’s furniture and lighting have become design icons, thanks to the way they often employ
structural elements to create sculptural effects. He was inducted into the Order of the Dannebrog
in recognition of his contribution to the Danish design tradition.

Vintage Collection for Stellar Works

Piano Chair Soft (1955)

Piano Chair (1955)

Louisiana Chair (1958)

Antler Chair Soft (1955)

Antler Chair (1955)

Church Chair (1956)

Weave Chair (1956)

Triangle Chair (1952)

Triangle Ottoman

Long Bench

Coffee Table
David Rockwell

David Rockwell is the founder and President of Rockwell Group, an award-winning architecture and design practice in New York, with satellite offces in Madrid and Shanghai. For over 30 years, the firm has crafted a unique narrative for each project through the intersection of theater and architecture. Its roster includes global hospitality projects for Nobu and W Hotels, the TED Theater and other cultural destinations, and Broadway set designs. From surface and floor coverings for Maya Romanoff, The Rug Company, and Jim Thompson, to lighting for Rich Brilliant Willing and Gaia&Gino, the firm celebrates product design as a natural extension of its immersive environments.
David’s honors include the American Institute of Architects New York Chapter President’s Award, the National Design Award by the Smithsonian’s Cooper Hewitt National Design Museum, and the Presidential Design Award.

Collaboration Series for Stellar Works

Valet Lounge Chair

Valet Club Chair

Valet Love Seat

Valet Coffee Table

Valet Seated Bench


Valet Bar Cart

Valet Magazine Rack

Valet Mixology Center

Valet Display Shelves & Magazine Rack

Valet Desk Shelves

Valet Office Shelves

Valet Hi-Fi Console

Founded by Jun Aizaki, Crème is a multidisciplinary design firm based in the vibrant
neighborhood of Williamsburg, Brooklyn. The studio is collaboration of dynamic, international
designers that work around the idea that all design challenges require the same problem solving
approach. Crème tackles a chair, a restaurant or a building, the same way they would approach
a logo or a street block.
Crème has developed a contemporary wood and steel chair inspired by the traditional Windsor
form. By exchanging the traditional wooden spindles and stretcher of the Windsor back with
steel, Crème has produced a new chair that feels both contemporary and traditional at once.
This exchange suggests the new life and design that can be breathed in to used or well-worn
objects and furnishings. Aside from the tradition spindle back, Crème has designed several other
backs that can be substituted in to fit any design. Custom backs, multiple wood species and steel
finishes are available.

Collaboration series for Stellar Works
Exchange Chair

Exchange Chair

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