For both client and craftsman, collaborating on a piece of bespoke furniture is a creative journey guaranteed to expand the horizons. Stellar Works owns an innovative workshop in Shanghai and supervises the best craftsmen in the country by French and Japanese technicians. Take a peek inside our design process for developing bespoke furniture!


Everything starts from the vision

1Client Briefs

Whether the brief comes from an Architect, Interior Designer, Procurement company or Owner, we examine it thoroughly to ensure that every detail is clear and understood. Our professionalism and experience ensures a comprehensive understanding of the client’s requirements.

2Preliminary Development

At this preliminary stage, Quotations and value engineering will be discussed with clients. After confirmation of Quotation, preliminary drawings, material and colour samples are provided. Further technical and structural advice will be discussed with Designers for production drawings. These will all define the project specifications and will be referred to until the production is completed.

3Drawings & Engineering

Stellar Works use detailed construction drawings with SolidWorks 2-3D PDM (Produce Data Management) systems for technical engineering, and produce prototypes based on these drawings. Our team of specialists will then fine-tune the materials, details technicality and the processes required to deliver exactly what’s required.

4Pinpointing Elements

At this point we identify and prepare all of the specific elements being supplied for each area and for each purpose (Bedroom, Public Space, Restaurant etc) and also create BOM (Bill of Materials) for each of these individual areas.


The art of turning vision into reality


Producing prototype is being able to touch, feel and see the real furniture and identifying any difficulties before the mass production. Therefore, prototyping is critically important and Stellar Works can help to materialise the vision from drawings.

6Labo Pro System

Our Labo Pro System is a workshop management system developed in France and translated in Chinese for our factory usage to track assembly procedures and traceability of components for each item and the precise timescale in which the materials will be prepared. This is a crucial stage in the ongoing monitoring work in progress.

7Production - Wood Joint

Joints are crucial to furniture construction and at Stellar Works, we put emphasis on construction methods to create stability and strength for hospitality projects usage. We have professional Product Development and Technical Teams whom have experience in wood production for more than 20 year.

8Quality Control & Photoshoot

Quality Control is of critical importance at every stage. It begins with the selection of materials, continues throughout production and extends to the full-colour photography produced at our in-house studio. This means that the client knows what they’re going to get and exactly what it looks like, before it even leaves the factory.

9Production - Metal Works

At Stellar Works, our project uses various types of metal, such as iron, stainless steel and aluminum and we are capable to produce finishing like metal plating, brushed metal, buff polishing, sand blasting, powder coating and hot blackening. We ensure our quality control of metal production is on par with our standard quality of wood craftsmanship.

10Production - Upholstery

Stellar Works has a strong upholstery technique adopted from our 126 years experienced French factory Laval and we produce top range quality upholsteries. Although sewing seems to be a simple process, upholstery sewing is quite a complex process involving many preparations and mathematical calculations for the perfect seam quality. Good quality sewing also depends on the sound technical knowledge that goes into pattern designing and making.

11Production - Water Based Paint

When finishing furniture with any product, proper wood preparation is essential. Prep and sanding stages are as important as painting stages. In Stellar Works, we use water-based paint that is less harmful to human and environment and release low level toxic emissions into the air for years after application. The low VOC paint reduced toxin level and benefits our client s who has skin allergies and chemical sensitivities.

Delivery & Support

Delivering projects on time is the combination of technology & craftsmanship

12Packaging & Logistics

Products are individually packed in purpose-built protective cartons, with additional packing materials used for extra safety. All products are cleaned and handled with white gloves, to ensure every piece leaves in the perfect condition. Packages are clearly labeled using a logical numbering sequence that makes it simple for the on-site teams to identify and install pieces when they arrive.


We are able to provide installation service upon request. Our global offices based in Europe, America, Asia and Oceania will be readily to provide the support of installation if required.

14After - Sales Service

The mission of Stellar Works does not stop once the furnishing elements have been delivered and assembled, it continues with attentive after-sales service. Whether it is assistance with repairs or additions to existing projects, all requests are managed with the utmost consideration and professionalism, services are provided promptly and the continuity of the construction techniques and finish of the products is guaranteed.