Seiton Box Small

Seiton Box Small


DIMENSIONS W280 x D345 x H140mm

MATERIALS Aluminium frame, Steel black powder coat matt cap, Cardboard with fabric cover *Available in cream, grey & black colors.

Seiton is a coherent modular storage system designed for the home, the office and for hospitality. The system is flexible and modular allowing the user to create unique solutions. Seiton is designed for function and flexibility without loosing focus on aesthetics. The design is grand in style and appearance. The system can be configured in multiple ways - against a wall or freestanding as a room divider.

Seiton comes as flat-pack and is easy to assemble. Key design elements of Seiton are functionality, contrast, materiality, refinement and detail. The design is solid and light in appearance and plays with positive and negative space. The system is focused on high quality and attention to detail.

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    Seiton Box Small