Collaboration: Stellar Works x Meyer Davis

Collaboration: Stellar Works x Meyer Davis

Dec 1, 2021


After years of sourcing Stellar Works products for Meyer Davis projects, Will and Gray forged a profound friendship with Yuichiro Hori, CEO and Founder of Stellar Works. With the common desire to bring empowering, versatile, and prospective products to the public, Meyer Davis has developed the unique collection William Gray in collaboration with Stellar Works.

Will Meyer and Gray Davis personified their shared values into the William Gray Collection. Portraying a modern gentleman who exudes urbane sensibility with an appreciation for timeless craftsmanship, collected sophistication and travel, William Gray creates an opportunity to explore new fields of design, from furniture to experiential interiors.

The collection showcases a wide range of sensual furnishings designed for dining spaces and lounges, reflecting the designer duo’s meticulous approach to detailing and effortless luxury. All the pieces in the collection embody a generous, engaging yet stylish character.

This initial assembly of furniture includes benchmark pieces – beautiful upholstery and low tables for entertaining, and tailored elements for dining and bar settings. Each piece is highly customizable with different wood and stone finishes, and it is also available in any fabric or leather combinations. Emerged from Meyer Davis's vast design archives, refined and perfected for the modern marketplace, the William Gray Collection is perfect both for hospitality projects and residential spaces.

Meyer Davis is a multi-disciplinary design studio founded by Will Meyer and Gray Davis. Specialized in creating seamless physical experiences tailored to their clients’ individuality, Meyer Davis delivers immediate and lasting impact through using honest, timeless materials and attention to detail. It therefore has established itself at the forefront of high-end commercial and residential design practices worldwide.