Collaboration: Stellar Works x OEO Studio

Collaboration: Stellar Works x OEO Studio

Nov 24, 2021


Yuichiro Hori, the founder of Stellar Works, had an idea about taking some old French design typologies and make them more modern and contemporary. He initiated a collaborative meeting between high-end French furniture maker "Laval" as well as Danish design studio "OEO Studio" and combined the French sense of elegance with a subtle sense of modern comfort.

The Laval collection came about through a curated look into the back catalogue from the original collection. With an editors mind, "OEO Studio" hand-picked a handful of pieces to be further explored and revisited. The result of the design process became a collection that is born out of contrast.

Originally rooted in the more flamboyant and opulent French design legacy and reworked by Scandinavian design studio with a clear fascination and eye to minimalism and subtle details. The outcome is a collection that in perfect harmony blends the opposites by keeping the outlines from the original designs yet trimmed and stripped for any unnecessary ornamentation. The collection is primarily designed for medium and high-end hospitality and residential with a grand, eclectic, and metropolitan feel.

Commenting on collaboration Thomas Lykke says:

Laval is a premium furniture maker established in 1896 in France and it’s a partner of Stellar Works; they have been working closely together since Stellar Works was founded. The collection is named in an honor of their long-term collaboration and it perfectly bridging the gap between the vintage and new collections, with a nod to the analogue but a contemporary aesthetic”.