3 Creative Co-working Spaces Around The World

3 Creative Co-working Spaces Around The World

Apr 28, 2022


Goodbye old 9-5 office - the post-pandemic modern workspace must be flexible, adaptable and diversified. Unlike traditional office environments, co-working spaces gravitate toward agile and innovative designs, where people can easily socialise, get inspired and stimulate creativity. To illustrate this, Stellar Works has picked 3 distinctive co-working spaces around the world that embody agility and collaboration. Come with us on a virtual visit!

Fosbury & Sons Albert Belgium

Rén Collection

Leader in co-working spaces Fosbury & Sons has recently opened their third hybrid office space in Brussels. Named “ALBERT”, the office was designed in collaboration with interior design studio Going East. Its concept gravitates around a “Brazil meets Wall Street” idea, with large spaces, high ceilings and winding staircases contrasted by dark bamboo timber and abundant plants. The space features the Rén Lounge Chairs designed by Space Copenhagen for Stellar Works in the lobby area, offering an excellent spot for people to talk, chill and work.

WeWork Tokyo Ark Hills

QT/Chillax Collection

WeWork is known for its open, warm and human working spaces – in stark contrast with the traditional rows of desks or cubicles. The brand’s Tokyo Ark Hills South office offers this signature aesthetic and functionality, and pairs it with an uncompromised feeling of comfort. The QT Chairs designed by Nic Graham modernize the Scandinavian mid-century style, while bringing a relaxed, playful atmosphere into the space.

The Work Project Hong Kong

Lunar & Blink & QT/Chillax Collection

Located in the Causeway Bay area in Hong Kong, this co-working space by The Work Project creates a multi-sensory environment. Local design studio Bean Buro took inspiration from the dynamic atmosphere of the fishing community who once gathered under boating canopies. The Lunar Sofa and Lunar Lounge Chairs by Space Copenhagen displayed in the lobby embody a modern elegance through the gentle curves, accompanied by Nic Graham’s QT Coffee Table, creating a vibrant working environment.