Dining Sets For Chinese New Year

Dining Sets For Chinese New Year

Jan 26, 2022


Each year one of the most significant holiday seasons in Asia is Chinese New Year, also called “Spring Festival” or “Lunar New Year”. At the heart of this holiday is thousand-year-old tradition - a big family dinner. Many families visit their elders and come back home to have a traditional Chinese New Year dinner with relatives and friends. Below is a selection of dining room inspirations for this time of year.

Slow Collection | Space Copenhagen

Slow collection consists of a beautifully upholstered wooden furniture that explores the beauty of narrow silhouettes. All items feature narrow legs that elevate and support, striking a perfect balance between mid-century Danish and classic design. Slow is a tribute to heritage and craft, embodied in a timeless, flowing design, while remaining modern and comfortable. Furniture items are crafted from quality materials and decoration is kept to a minimum to enhance the detail and shape of the pieces.

Mandarin Collection | Neri&Hu

Neri&Hu’s signature Mandarin collection of dining table and chairs finds inspiration in the harmony and balance between classical forms and mid-century aesthetics. Neri&Hu have translated these into the design of a table and chairs following Asian temple design typologies: the sphere which symbolises the temple of Heaven, versus the square form represented by the temple of Earth.

Crawford Collection | Tom Fereday

Crawford collection is comprised of a sofa, bed, tables and a dining chair. Following Stellar Works’ ethos, the collection was developed on the principle of honest design that celebrates Asian sensibilities, whilst reinterpreting them for an international audience. The collection also represents a fusion of cultures that celebrates the growing design movement in the Asia Pacific region, as championed by Lane Crawford. Tom Fereday’s designs utilise natural materials, tactile finishes and subtle, yet elegant details.