"Everyday" - A New Lighting Collection By Neri&Hu

"Everyday" - A New Lighting Collection By Neri&Hu

Jun 23, 2021


Stellar Works has unveiled Everyday, a new compact light designed by the brand’s Creative Directors Lyndon Neri and Rossana Hu. As its name suggests, Everyday is inspired by the quotidian objects in our lives. It is reminiscent of the reading light next to our beds in our childhood homes, or the lamp above the teacher’s desk in school. The simplicity is somewhat nostalgic; something we are used to seeing every day, until suddenly we don’t anymore.

Neri&Hu purposefully designed an object that looks simple and ordinary, but is simultaneously beautiful, bringing our attention back to the beauty of the lost everyday. Whether placed over a table to be used as a task light, or onto a wall for ambience, Everyday proudly reclaims its place – and that of common objects – in our lives.

Everyday comes in a wall mountable or pendant version and the aluminium frame comes in a choice of finishes – powder coated black, brass or silver plated – while the simple yet beautiful shade is available in either frosted or transparent glass.

__Commenting on the design Rossana Hu says: __

“Often the best things in life are those that are around us everyday. They are right in front of our eyes, if we dare to look.”