Mammertsberg Restaurant And Hotel In The Swiss Alps

Mammertsberg Restaurant And Hotel In The Swiss Alps

Oct 25, 2023


Atop the magnificent Vorarlberg and Appenzell Alps, Mammertsberg is housed within a 1911 Swiss villa, surrounded by the stunning view of Lake Constance. Space Copenhagen has artfully reimagined the interior of the historic Mammertsberg restaurant and hotel. In doing so, the Danish design duo built a harmonious connection between the building's classic chalet architecture pared with a cosy interior scheme, creating a captivating juxtaposition of past and future.

The remodeled interior employs a myriad of natural materials, a muted color palette and clean lines, delivering a comprehensive, sensory journey that refines the culinary experience and embodies the essence of the restaurant's concept. Every piece of furniture and object is meticulously curated, ensuring a harmonious aesthetic and a seamless experience for the guests.

The understated yet elegant Rén Dining Chairs, also envisioned by Space Copenhagen for Stellar Works, gracefully adorn the space and effortlessly connect design with comfort. With a combination of soaped walnut and the delicate touch of light linen upholstery.

Each chair is infused with a character that is both minimalist and rustic, epitomizing Space Copenhagen’s poetic modernism ethos. In the heart of this Swiss Alp heartland - a symphony of design, nature, and culinary artistry awaits you.