One Microsoft Place: Natural Landscaping In The Office

One Microsoft Place: Natural Landscaping In The Office

Dec 21, 2018

One Microsoft Place, the Microsoft European headquarters in Dublin, Ireland, was designed by Gensler and RDK Architects which took a human-centric approach to develop the new office for the technology company's 2,000 employees.

Pieces from Stellar Works QT/Chillax Collection were placed nearby the featured digital waterfall cascading through the atrium which forming the sides of work stations. When the waterfall falls into the lake, consisted of color-changing tiles, surrounded by grey and black flooring and benches arranged in rock-like formations around the edges. A digital version of geological formations is presented.

In One Microsoft Place, QT Chairs, Chillax Lounge Chairs, Chillax Highback Chairs and QT Coffee Tables serve a better work environment benefits the people to create a better digital life for the society.

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