Stellar Works Launches Kite Designed By Nendo

Stellar Works Launches Kite Designed By Nendo

Jul 8, 2020


Stellar Works has unveiled a series of new collections by Nendo. The three distinctive collections, Blend, Frame and Kite, utilise the craft that Stellar Works’ is known for and marry this with Nendo’s unrivalled design acumen.

Kite is a compact armchair designed for commercial and hospitality spaces and is particularly designed with small spaces in mind. Well executed designs for narrow spaces such as corridors, elevator lobbies, and entrances are in short supply. Attempts to make an armchair small usually leads one to think of gradual elimination of the backrest to create a bench-like furniture piece. But casting the backrest as the star to which the seat is adjoined yields a design less about sitting and more about leaning against a grand backrest.

Kite takes up minimal space while offering to the chair’s occupant a bit of calm and security. The backrest and seat are independent parts, with shallow and deep seats and lower and taller backs available for use in combination, according to the size of the space available and the degree of privacy desired.