Stellar Works Lighting Collections

Stellar Works Lighting Collections

May 12, 2021


In 2020 Stellar Works unveiled its first complete lighting collections, designed in collaboration with long-term collaborators OEO Studio and Space Copenhagen. Following in the footsteps of the brand’s signature aesthetic that bridges Asian design sensibilities and craft with European aesthetics, the new lighting collection features three pieces that take influence from and are inspired by Japan.

The design of the Mūn lighting collection marries Asian design sensibilities with timeless aesthetics of form and function. With Mūn, Copenhagen based OEO Studio drew inspiration from analogue technologies and the poetry of ritual. Mūn – named after the Japanese word for moon’ – includes a desk lamp, two types of floor lamps, pendants in small, medium and large and a rechargeable lantern that can be used both indoors and outdoors.

Prepare to discover the new arrivals including Space Copenhagen’s Yama collection of clean- lined, aesthetically pleasing pendants, whose name is derived from the Japanese word for mountain. Meanwhile, the second lighting collection, Haro is named after the Japanese word for halo.

Of their lighting collections for Stellar Works, Space Copenhagen says: “In principle, any given piece of furniture is embedded with a functional program, which we all instinctively recognize and acknowledge. We try to be attentive and respond to the little ways these typologies evolve over time, how uses might morph or change, while also working towards the piece having a certain sculptural quality. The process is not linear, but rather, one informs the other continuously.”