Stellar Works Reissues A Series Of Historical Designs By Jens Risom

Stellar Works Reissues A Series Of Historical Designs By Jens Risom

Jul 13, 2022


Stellar Works reissues a series of chairs by Jens Risom (1916 – 2016), adding to the brand’s growing collection of seating and furniture by the renowned Danish-American master. The six designs all created in the 1950s exemplify his signature aesthetic rooted in Danish Modernism and showcase the enduring quality of his timeless work.

Among these reissues will be the C180 Armchair and its corresponding lounge chair, the U380 Easy Chair, first released in 1957. One of Risom´s most iconic designs, they could once be widely found in various projects throughout the US. A floating base and soft upholstered cushion display Risom’s remarkable ability to marry comfort with elegance.

Additional designs include the C275 and C276 Side Chairs with wooden back and fully upholstered variations. The timeless designs, also from 1957, featured in many exhibitions and publications from the Mid-Century period and remain as relevant today as the day they debuted. Complementing these are the C375 and C376 Bar Chairs also with a wooden and upholstered back.

This newest suite of reissues, all upholstered in Risom-designed Zap textiles manufactured by the UK-based Camira in an array of vibrant hues, paying tribute to his lifelong connection to California, as well as referencing the longstanding popularity of his work on the West Coast.