The Coal Shed: The Award-Winning Restaurant Concept

The Coal Shed: The Award-Winning Restaurant Concept

Aug 28, 2019

Located in the heart of a new luxury development near Tower Bridge, London, the Coal Shed is exactly what you would expect from a top-class steak restaurant, though there’s also soul behind the emerald marble, rich-wood and marbled cuts of meat.

The Coal Shed is housed in a striking double height building with an impressive glazed façade, providing maximum visibility into the inviting restaurant space.

In the main dining space DesignLSM have utilised a rich and masculine material palette including green marble, burnt timber and aged bronze and they have injected layers of contrast and texture into the space in which the Utility Chairs by Stellar Works sit perfectly.

We are pound to be associated with this stunning venture.

Photo Courtesy of The Coal Shed