Collaboration: Stellar Works x David Rockwell

Collaboration: Stellar Works x David Rockwell

Nov 10, 2021


David Rockwell is an iconic figure in the design world – from interiors to furniture to stage sets – he is a defining visionary whose interdisciplinary practice has transformed how we eat in restaurants, stay in hotels, and even experience theatre. Valet by David Rockwell for Stellar Works is a collection he designed featuring a bar cart, lounge seating, and customisable shelving, among other pieces.

Designed for both private and public spaces, Valet is a perfect example of Rockwell’s intuitive sensibility to clients’ needs, as well as Stellar Works’s dedication to creative collaboration. This collection was inspired by the traditional concept of a domestic valet – an individual who served as a personal assistant responsible for the clothing and personal accessories of his employer. David Rockwell reinterpreted it in modern key as a piece of furniture with a streamlined functionality that could make our busy lives easier.

The collection is named Valet, as it was the first item that Rockwell and Stellar Works designed collaboratively. Valet features a blackened steel frame that doubles as a coat rack, a walnut shelf for personal items, and a saddle leather shoe bag, and it works well both in a home entrance – to create an area of transition from the bustle of the street – as well as in the bedroom. In a hotel, the pieces provide a sense of luxury and comfort and allow guests to arrange their rooms to make it feel homely. Additionally, each item in the collection can be used as a standalone piece, or grouped together in multiple configurations.

Commenting on the collaboration David Rockwell says:

“The Valet collection merges natural, rich, and expressive materials with Stellar Works’ fine craftsmanship and expert construction,” said David Rockwell, Founder and President, Rockwell Group. “Each piece has been carefully curated to work in different settings, from an urban home, to a chic and cozy hotel, to a vibrant work space.”