Collection Extension: Seiton Box & Bookend

Collection Extension: Seiton Box & Bookend

Sep 29, 2021


Last year, Stellar Works launched Seiton-a versatile modular storage system designed by OEO Studio with function and simplicity in mind and perfectly suitable for the home, the office and for hospitality. The system is flexible and modular allowing the user to create unique solutions and can be configured in multiple ways-against a wall or freestanding as a room divider.

This year, Stellar Works reveals a utilitarian accessories line that will complement and complete the collection, which includes a plywood box and a metal bookend. The Seiton Bookend is created from two sheets of metal and has a dual function. It can be used both as bookend or-leaned on its side - as an elegant book stand. The Seiton Box is made of high-quality plywood with a silk matt paint. Its lid references the doors design of the original Seiton Cabinet, and it is made of a veneer wood and MDF.

Seiton comes as flat-pack and is easy to assemble. Key design elements of Seiton are functionality, contrast, materiality, refinement and detail. The design is solid and light in appearance and plays with positive and negative space. The system is focused on high quality and attention to detail.

Thomas Lykke' Head of Design and Founder OEO Studio says:

"We feel it sits really well within the wider collection of Stellar Works, bridging the gap between the vintage and new collections, with a nod to the analogue but a contemporary aesthetic".*