Everyday Receives Wallpaper* Smart Space Award

Everyday Receives Wallpaper* Smart Space Award

Oct 13, 2021


We are delighted to announce that Everyday by Neri&Hu has received a Wallpaper* Smart Space Award in the “Most Illuminating” category. The Wallpaper Smart Space Awards seek to honour ideas that inspire and technology that lasts, making the places we inhabit smarter and our lives better.

Neri&Hu purposefully designed an object that looks simple and ordinary, but is simultaneously functionally beautiful, to bring our attention back to the beauty of the lost everyday. Whether placed over a table to be used as a task light, or onto a wall for ambience, Everyday proudly reclaims its place-and that of common objects-in our lives.

Everyday is inspired by the quotidian objects in our lives. It is reminiscent of the reading light next to our beds in our childhood homes, or the lamp above the teacher’s desk in school. The simplicity is somewhat nostalgic; something we are used to seeing every day, until suddenly we don’t anymore.

Commenting on the design Rossana Hu says:

"Asian design has in the past fallen into two extreme categories within the usual stereotypes-the primitive and craft-oriented, or the exaggerated fanciful with bling-bling material. The Everyday light is an attempt to break that stereotype and celebrate the humble, the quiet, and the mundane-sensibilities deeply embedded in the Asian culture but rarely expressed successfully in contemporary industrial design, and even less on a mass scale. The Everyday is familiar like it’s always been there, yet its form is crisp and clean, evoking a sophistication that could help redefine our Asian culture on the global stage".