Lunar Collection Designed By Space Copenhagen

Lunar Collection Designed By Space Copenhagen

Mar 16, 2022


Stellar Works is thrilled to debut a natural oak finish to the Lunar collection designed by Space Copenhagen. The simple, raw beauty of the natural oak wood gives the Lunar collection a timeless, fresh, and comforting aesthetic to complement any interior setting.

Characterised by gentle curves and slim wooden legs, the Lunar collection comprises a range of considered, pared-back chairs and tables with refined details. Space Copenhagen took inspiration from Change, the Chinese moon goddess who resides in her lunar palace. Like its celestial namesake, the Lunar collection is infused with the male energy of ‘Yang’ and the female principle of ‘Yin’, which are two opposing forces in ancient Chinese philosophy.

The romantic narrative of the Lunar collection reflects Space Copenhagen’s approach to design, which they have termed Poetic Modernism. The Lunar collection perfectly combines ancient Chinese mythology with contemporary Nordic simplicity, while all pieces embody a subtle balance between functionality and pared down aesthetics.

Commenting on the design Space Copenhagen says:

*"In the Lunar Collection, contemporary Nordic simplicity meets ancient Chinese legend. It takes its inspiration from Chang’e, the goddess of the moon, said to arise in the West and reside in her lunar palace ‘Guanghan’, which means ‘wild coldness’. The collection is at once fresh, cool and comfortingly timeless. Like its celestial namesake, it is infused with the energy of Yin and Yang." *