Stellar Works Project "Mercedes Me Store"

Stellar Works Project "Mercedes Me Store"

Apr 1, 2020

Dubai-based Architects Stickman Tribe designed Mercedes Me in Chengdu in 2019. Sitting adjacent to the historical Sui Dynasty Daci monastery, the studio was driven by an ethos that focussed on “honoring the past, studying the present and anticipating the future”, given the restaurant’s proximity to Chengdu’s history and its role as a contemporary destination. The resulting space is a unique fusion of heritage and modern elements, all of which lends itself to a distinctive restaurant interior for diners to enjoy.

The interiors of the restaurant feature copper and brass elements throughout, whilst the central spine of the restaurant houses a custom wood-trussed feature with fibre-optic lights, creating an ambient lantern-like effect.

Stickman Tribe’s agenda echoes too Stellar Works’ own collections – as a brand that celebrates Asian design sensibilities and craft alongside contemporary design. As such, the designers chose a mix of old and new pieces to complement their interior vision. From Neri & Hu’s Utility High Chair to Space Copenhagen’s Lunar Dining Chairs. A Stellar Works’ portfolio favourite – the QT Collection Coffee Table and Chillax Highback Chair can also be seen in the space.

Photo Courtesy of Mercedes Me